Monthly Archives: July 2024

Tomorrow is Tynamo Community Day and there will be a bonus of two times the usual amount

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Tynamo Community Day is tomorrow and there’s a bonus. We have the announcement of four-times faster hatching but also the bonus for the current event – four-times XP on catches. It makes sense that bonuses earned in one event can be used for another. Now they’re: The only thing missing is the Stardust Bonus, which […]

Day 5 of the Daily Pokemon Sleep

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We’ll be bringing you daily updates as the event to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Pokemon Sleep is in full swing! The event is now in its fifth day. Below you will find the latest news. It’s frustrating when you keep encountering the same Sleep Styles. It can be frustrating to keep encountering the same […]

Tandemaus may be present in all Party Play encounters, but it is not guaranteed

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The first Ultra Unlock began on Wednesday. This event is centered around the Pokemon Tandemaus, and its evolutionary stages. There are currently several different ways to get a chance at a Tandemaus encounter. Tandemaus can now be encountered in all Party Play encounters. It isn’t a guarantee encounter, as the Pokemon pool contains multiple Pokemon. […]