Pokemon Sleep: More surprises

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Yesterday, most players noticed that there were additional gifts in Pokemon Sleep. It was a pretty unexpected gift. We searched and found that the official Pokemon Sleep had posted a message on X in Japanese. This was something we wanted to share. The deadline for the contest was set at July 21, 11:59 PM. All […]

Tandemaus is not known to be in Pokemon Go.

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The Better Together event and the Tandemaus Field Research Tasks are over since 8 pm last night. The question is now whether or not the Pokemon are still available. Party Play is still expected to be available, although this isn’t confirmed. If you know for sure, share your confirmation in the comments of our WhatsApp […]

The Mega Lucario Raid Day tickets are now available on the website, with the same bonus as announced.

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We informed you last week that a Mega Lucario Raid Day bonus was wrong according to Pokemon GO’s support team. However, it is still being announced as a Mega Lucario Raid Day Bonus now that tickets are on sale. The bonus is one Rare XL Candy guaranteed per raid. You can find the article stating […]

The new Dynamax/Gigantamax version is a dataminer’s paradise once more, with a lot of updates.

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The next version of Pokemon GO will include a number of updates to Dynamax and Gigantamax. We’ve listed the most important things we found below: The terms Bread and Bread Dough used by Niantic for Dynamax The levels of Dynamax and Gigantamax Raids are the same as those in regular raids. The numbers go from […]

The biggest Pokemon right now are also the potential biggest friends

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There are some big candidates now that Ultra Buddies and Best Buddies have been the focus of these showcases. You must have at least Ultra Buddies. The biggest Pokemon are also the potential winners. Waillord Cesteela Alolan Exeggutor Origin Dialgia Steelix You are probably too late to convert a Pokemon into an Ultra Buddy, but […]

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