Niantic has announced new dates and activities for Community Day in the new season

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Niantic just released new dates for Pokémon GO, when various events are scheduled to take place. This includes Community Days as well as other events. Below, we’ve listed the events by categories. Days of Community Service: Sunday, June 9 Saturday, June 22 (Classic) Sunday, July 21, Sunday, August 31, Events: Saturday, June 29 (Raid Day) […]

Mega Gyarados Raid Guide: Check it out!

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Mega Raid Boss also changes Pokemon today. There will be an update starting at 10 am (the eggs that come afterward will have the Mega). We can begin to beat Mega Gyarados around 11:00am. Here is our Mega Gyarados Raid Guide: Mega Sceptile -Fury Cutter/Frenzy Plant Mega Heracross – Counter/ Megahorn Kartana -Razor Leaf/ Leaf […]