Prepare for Pokemon GO Fest by following these tips.

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Pokemon GO Fest Global 2024 is just a couple of days away. It’s helpful to prepare, even if you don’t plan on going all out this weekend. We’ll be publishing an in-depth article on this topic later this week. We have some preparation tips you can use.

  • You can save Pokeballs, Great Balls or Ultra Balls.
  • What can be traded and what should you get rid of in order to make room for your Pokemon Storage?
  • Now that Potions are less valuable, you will need to make room for them in your Item Storage.
  • Get Premium Raid Passes at a Discount
  • You have some rare candy left. Use this in Dialga or Palkia to get the Adventure Effects Spacial Rend (or Roar of Time).
  • Install ‘all Assets’ to set up all energy-saving measures
  • Are you planning to buy a Pokemon GO Plus + Powerbank or Powerbank for Pokemon GO? You’ll get your order in time if you buy it right now

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