Once purchased, an email will instantly be sent to your email containing your details, make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

We currently accept Apple Pay, Credit Cards and Bitcoin.

We aim to stock our website with fresh accounts every 3-4 days.

99.9% of all slashed Pokemon have been removed from our accounts. If a red slash is present on the majortiy of the Pokemons on an account, we will replace the account.

No, our accounts are 100% safe and ban free. All our accounts include lifetime guarantee. Guarantee will be voided if the account is used with 3rd party software and/or used with tweaks or spoofing.


Make sure to copy and paste the details you received. If it doesn’t work after that, contact the livechat.

Make sure to check your spam folder, if its not in there contact the livechat.

1. Open in your browser, not in the pokemon go app.
2. Navigate to security settings
3. Navigate to devices
4. On the android phone, press the three dots.
5. Click sign out on the three dots

Re-open the pokemon go app and log in there. It should work fine this time.

For account Gmail: Yes

For account PTC: No

Contact us on the websites livechat